Saturday, 19 November 2011

Little Shopping Bag - Sue (小提包 - 苏姑娘)

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Code:FP16 - Little Shopping Bag - Sue (小提包 - 苏姑娘)
Bag size: 31L*20H*7cmW (Sue :9.5cm Height; 苏姑娘-9.5cm 高)
Price: Pls send email
Available: Sold-custome made bag
Remarks:Little shopping bag order by customer.She is a Sue lover. Look at the little Sue(photo below) she is carring a little pink handbag too...both of them love shopping
(The pink bag is actually an imported button from code:BT04-Love pink. Sue is wearing pink polka dot from fabric code:FBG80-Sweet Pink group(3pcs) - 温柔粉色组), you can purchase the fabric & make your own bag.

This bag can keep purse, handphone ,cosmetics...convenience & cute.


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